Setting up a Community Group or Project

You and your friends have an idea for a community project, activity or service - can you make it work? How do you get started? 

This section offers an overview of the stages involved, and the things you need to consider when setting up a community group or project.  These stages do not always follow a logical step by step process. Very often you will need to make several decisions at the same time.  'Stages' will not necessarily follow a step by step progression.

First and foremost - do not work in isolation. Getting started should always include some kind of ‘market research’ – test the water, asking what people think, finding out whether or not your idea is feasible.

With the community behind you, and the group’s aims and objectives clearly identified, you can explore this section to learn about the different options for formalising a group. You may also want to look at the information on seeking charitable status.
Whilst most of the content in this section is applicable to the initial setting up of a community group or project, some may also apply to existing groups who are considering a change of structure or looking at becoming a registered charity for the first time.

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